This time after removing the old bathroom suite and preparing for the new layout I’m starting by removing the old shower enclosure careful the basin is only attached to the walls with silicone and I cut through the pipes so I can lift it away next I’m starting to remove the shower tray the base isn’t even secured and the back looks straight out of the frame I’m double-checking the shower isn’t live so now I can safely remove it now I have access to all the walls I can get rid of the tile they’re coming off with just hand tools power tools are much more fun to time to get rid of the suspended ceiling it’ll be nice to get some height back the floors next and it comes up in one piece now for the plaster I’m taking the whole room back to the brick looks like there’s been several repairs over the years the plan is to combine the old bathroom and WC into one room so this wall needs to come down I’ve checked if it’s carrying any load in the applicable there’s absolutely nothing about and it was actually floating between two of the ceiling joists the tiled in the WC need a little persuasion from the SDS drill there’s important believable for layers of tiles in the WC followed by two layers of plastic with the walls back to brick I can start to remove the doorframe putting through the nail then pulling them away from the wall the other partition wall is now unstable I think the door frames were holding it in position it’s not safe so I’m taking it down I wasn’t planning on this but it’s better to be safe than sorry you ready to start fresh the cost so far not much this time only weight removal at 210 bringing the total to 114 thousand nine hundred and fifteen thanks for watching please like and subscribe if you’d like to see more if you think I could or should have done something better than add a comment below if you have any question add those below as well.