– Want some of this? Mm, Vienna sausage, so tasty. By 2050, reports predict that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. How does this plastic even get in the ocean in the first place? Well, a lot of it is from the trash in our streets that go into our storm drains and then washed out into our oceans. So today, I’m gonna be trying to pick up all the trash in my neighborhood. I live in beautiful Little Armenia, Los Angeles. Which is a relatively small neighborhood in east Hollywood. I have no idea how much trash there will actually be, but I’m gonna try to pick up as much as I can.

Okay, already I see some trash. This is in my apartment complex, too. So there was street cleaning on the side of this street today. I know, plastic is so scary. I think I might fill these bags with just one block. Which is crazy. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do the whole neighborhood. I’m gonna try, we’ll see how far I get. This I can recycle. Put it in my recycling one. All these little pieces of plastic, they take like 400 plus years to break down. All the plastic that has ever been created still exists in our world. So the idea of throwing something away, there’s really no way. Does anyone want some nacho cheese? Hey, this street’s a little cleaner. I mean, if you look closely, there’s definitely still pieces of trash. I’m just focusing on the big pieces ’cause there are so many little pieces. I’m not bothering to pick up the cigarette buds. It’s too much.

So much random (bleep). It is really crazy about how many McDonald’s and Starbucks straws I’m seeing. I don’t know what this is. This is trash. I’m gonna put these clothes in and maybe we can take ’em to the Goodwill. Well, we’re definitely getting across the point that there’s a lot of trash in my neighborhood. The whole furniture is trash, but I can’t get all of it. Okay, so I got so much trash and clothes that I asked Amuro to come and help me load some of them in so I can keep on picking up trash, thank you.

I Tried To Pick Up All The Trash In My Neighborhood

This is how straws and other plastics get into the ocean. They go into these drains and then they washed out to sea. Premium vodka. Can recycle this. Some chicken bones, delicious. This is definitely not a one person job. But I just wanted to see what it would be like and see how much trash actually is there. ‘Cause, like, I notice it but then, I haven’t actually spent time trying to pick it up. It’s pretty clean over here. It is crazy though, just like the difference in the neighborhood, in how one neighborhood in L.A. has trash and the other ones don’t. The trash in the trees, I’m a little surprised. Okay, we’re back on my street. Just gonna do the other side. Okay, so we made it back to my apartment.

This is actually a crazy amount of trash. I definitely didn’t pick up all the trash in my neighborhood. In fact, I probably only covered 20%, but for three hours, I think this is a crazy amount of waste. These three bags are all textile waste. Which I’m gonna donate to Goodwill. And this is recycling which I’m gonna recycle. And this is all just trash. The most common items that I saw on the street, besides textile waste, were flyers, cigarette packages, and fast food packaging. I’m gonna throw it away. If you’re bummed about seeing trash in our streets and wondering what you can do about it, you can start by trying to cut out single-use plastics like straws, to-go cups, and water bottles.

Good luck. I’m in love with this drabber now. It’s gonna be a lifelong relationship. – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. – Subscribe here. – That was my part.