Landfills versus incinerators which is better and why did you know that each year humans produce billion tons of waste incinerators were originally created due to the terrible conditions of the cities back then it wasn’t uncommon to throw your trash onto the street and let it decompose over the next few weeks there are many diseases and plagues going around such as the bubonic plague and the cholera plague due to the disgusting state of the city’s governments needed a solution and fast in the early 1900’s lots of cities started routine garbage collection they would take the trash to an incineration plant on the edge of town or dump it in a river or a lake by the 1920s the majority of apartment complexes had an incinerator in the basement so that they wouldn’t have to pay for the city’s garbage collection in 1935 the landfill was invented however it did have problems such as the waste sinking into the drinking water of the cities they simply threw the trash into a pit they had dug covered it with soil and let it sit there for eternity in 1959 the Society of Civil Engineers made rules for sanitary landfill modern landfills compact the wastes throw it in a clay lined pit and put a new layer of soil on it each and every day sinner rater is basically a bigger version of your fireplace however instead of wood it uses waste incinerators have a higher capacity than landfills and can sometimes even produce power unfortunately it is a big player in global warming it produces lots of emissions as well as mercury dioxins and lead the final problem with incinerators is that in a lot of cases the the ash produced from the incinerators ends up in a landfill a landfill as a plot of land usually owned by a private company hired by cities to clean their garbage in Canada the government pays the company through taxes as sanitation as a right of every citizen anyways a landfill is a place where waste is sent and buried every day they cover the pile with more soil the waste decomposes quicker when it is underground and hidden from any form of light or water landfills can cause ground pollution and no form of life will be able to live on that land for many years recycling is a great way to be rid of your waste however there are certain things you can’t recycle recycled items are turned back into raw materials and remade into brand-new products they then restart their life and should in theory come back to the recycling plant as a plant gets bigger the operation gets more efficient did you know that in North America 55% of waste goes into landfills 33% into recycling plants and 12% into incinerators there are many things you can do such as think about what you are putting in the garbage if it can be recycled or if you can reuse it for example and thread instead of throwing up your old couch try selling it online first if that doesn’t work then throw it out you should always try to reduce reduce reuse repair and recycle something before throwing it out and do your best to produce less garbage it can sometimes be an annoying task but it’s a small price to pay to do your part in saving our planet as you saw both landfills and incinerators have positives as well as negatives however in my personal opinions and my personal opinion landfills are better because that’s where all the trash will end up

Incinerator vs landfills