Medical Cleaning

Medical Cleaning Services

Since over two million people are affected by hospital-acquired infections each year, medical facilities require a business cleaning company that partners with them to prevent the spread of infection.

Hospital and medical facility cleaning is not like general cleaning. Not all companies can rise to the standards required by a health care facility. There is a more intense training that is necessary for the cleaning staff in this type of building. The staff should be properly trained in universal precautions to protect themselves, but also in proper procedures in disinfecting to provide a truly clean & healthy result.
Green Guys Clean Team, LLC is proud to say that we have a long standing business relationship with a large number of medical practices through out Metro Atlanta. Green Guys Clean Team has 15+ years of experience performing a high standard of service for these customers.Our highly trained and talented cleaning technicians are well versed in the processes necessary to maintain these facilities in a healthy manner.

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